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"Comprehensive Meta‐Analysis (CMA) is an excellent statistical software program. CMA is very userfriendly, provides essential elements of analyses required for synthesis of quantitative studies, evaluates publication bias statistically and graphically, and offers technical support. I have used CMA for a recent study I conducted with my professor at the University of Maryland, The reliability and validity of the Anticipated Turnover Scale across studies of RNs in the US (in press). I highly recommend the Comprehensive Meta‐Analysis software program for anyone conducting meta‐analytic research."

Kathy Barlow RN, MS - Doctoral student, University of Maryland School of Nursing, Baltimore, Maryland

"I have been using Comprehensive Meta‐Analysis for the past five years and have enjoyed the many features of this software including the numerous options for fitting data into the spreadsheet for analysis of categorical and continuous data and the ease of labeling variables and study names. The built in analysis features are many and easy to apply including the test for heterogeneity and Egger’s test for publication bias. This software has allowed me to publish meta‐analyses with confidence in several peer reviewed journals including the Journal of Cardiology. Also I am often asked to give lectures on the use of meta‐analyses. My demonstrations include examples from this program. When asked by my peers for a reliable meta‐analysis package I do recommend this software."

Al Bartolucci, Ph.D. - Professor, Department of Biostatistics, School of Public Health, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, Alabama

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