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"The program is a perfect companion to Borenstein et al's book since it allowed my students to try the concepts discussed in the book. We have done most of the computations by hand first and then checked our answers with CMA. This gave the students 'a feel' for meta‐analysis and made them realise that the method is not just about feeding some abstract numbers into a black box and getting a meaningless number at the end. Instead, using the book and the program together the students learned the maths behind the computations and the meaning of the final results. I found the help manual especially user‐friendly and ready for classroom use. My students were able to get most of the exercises done at home such that we had the time to discuss the answers and their implications in class."

Dr. Karina De Santis (PhD) - Lecturer in Statistics and Research Methods, Jacobs University, Bremen gGmbH School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Bremen, Germany

"Comprehensive Meta‐Analysis Version 2 is really an easy‐to‐use software. It offers you a broad range of statistical, analytical and graphic capabilities to ensure valid meta‐analysis. It is accompanied by a selfexplanatory manual and tutorial. For anyone considering a faster and complete performance of metaanalysis, this software would be a clear first choice. In addition, the book and the online course “Introduction to Meta‐analysis” have been ideal resources in my case, for a complete understanding of this approach. Both strongly recommendable…!!!."

Dr. Miguel Santibáñez Margüello, M.D., PhD - Researching Support Unit, IFIMAV – Fundación Marques de Valdecilla, Cantabria University, Nurse School, Santander Spain