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"I recently taught an introduction to meta‐analysis course to graduate students from diverse disciplines including ecology, kinesiology, economics, forestry, veterinary medicine, family studies, and plant pathology. I planned to use another meta‐analysis software package, but learned about CMA one week before the first day of class. Given the variety of options available in CMA, I thought that CMA might be a better fit for my class. In one week, Michael Borenstein sent me the necessary supplementary materials to prepare me for including CMA in the course. CMA is very intuitive and easily accessible for broad meta‐analytic applications. Any questions about CMA were quickly and thoroughly answered. Moreover, the supporting textbook associated with CMA is a must have resource for anyone interested in meta‐analysis as it easily explains complicated analytical concepts. In short, CMA is a great software package for meta‐analysis. I will use CMA again the next time I teach my introduction to metaanalysis course."

Alan Wilson - Assistant Professor, Auburn University, Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures

"I have the pleasure to use your software from 2004, and thanks to that, my group had the opportunity to explore many issues in clinical oncology. I am a doctor (not a statistician) and I have to say that the software is really simple (especially v. 2.0), fast‐to‐use, and really easy to understand for anyone who wants to use it. We currently prefer CMA 2.0 to other free software given the mentioned features. Actually, I have no drawbacks to stress, I am really friendly in using your software right now."

Emilio Bria